Client’s Challenge

A New York-based company found itself trapped in a modern-day kidnapping scenario—held hostage by a crypto-locker virus that encrypted their crucial data. Attempts to open documents only resulted in unreadable files, accompanied by an ominous pop-up message on their screens:

(…)Your personal files are encrypted!(…) The single copy of the private key, which will allow you to decrypt the files, located on a secret server on the Internet; the server will destroy the key after a time specified in this window. After that, nobody and never will be able to restore files… To obtain the private key for this computer, which will automatically decrypt files, you need to pay $5,000.

The insidious Ransom.Cryptolocker Trojan had infiltrated their computers, encrypting files and demanding a ransom for the decryption password. Faced with a critical situation, the client, following consultation with their onsite IT technician, reluctantly opted to pay for a key to hackers to decrypt their data.

While this resolved the problem partially—half of the files were restored—significant data loss occurred in the other half. The demoralized company sought not only data recovery but a robust prevention plan to ensure they never fell victim to a similar attack again. Turning to AlfeNet Consulting, they sought help in both retrieving lost data and fortifying their network security.

AlfeNet Solution

Guided by the philosophy that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” AlfeNet invested in cutting-edge software capable of detecting potential dangers before harm ensued. The chosen solution involved deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on every computer for remote network security monitoring. Security groups were established, user rights were assigned, and stringent security rules were implemented to fortify the entire network.

Solution Highlights

  • Comprehensive protection for all internet-accessible devices.
  • 24/7 network monitoring with 99% discoverability of malware, spyware, and viruses.
  • Robust defense against spam and phishing attacks.
  • Automated, event-driven backup and recovery for laptops and desktops.
  • Streamlined and cost-effective network security management.

Measurable Business Results

The primary goal of shielding the client’s network from external attacks was achieved. The diagnostic software successfully identifies and eliminates multiple potential threats weekly, resulting in a 70% return on investment compared to purchasing point products.

Equipment Used

  • Software and Licensing:
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection