IT support for medium and small businesses in NY

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AlfeNet provides IT support for midsize and small businesses in New York City. At AlfeNet, not only do we help organizations run a more efficient business, but also help businesses achieve greater value from IT. We do this by developing objectives and providing technology that companies need. We believe that technology can help introduce new, revolutionary solutions for business without interrupting or destroying ongoing operations. Our solutions are always in line with cost and quality expectations. Continually changing world of business demands information technology to be agile and flexible in all ways. Finding a balance between IT and business and implementing alterations in both without any interruptions is the challenge that AlfeNet takes. Our approach focuses on the business benefits of technology.

AlfeNet IT Support Range

We provide a broad range of support through these service offerings:

-Cloud Strategy and Deployment Data Center Optimization – let AlfeNet help you with your workload, by categorizing and strategically, in accordance with its value, classifying it  to the right kind of cloud model
– IT Integration – let us determine your integration priorities, collect data for integration and execute the process for you
– IT Optimization – our experts can help you reduce IT costs and improve work organization at your company
–  IT Design – AlfeNet’s consultants will work closely with you and create an individual IT solution plan to reduce delays and risk or your company
– IT Outsourcing – not in NY? No problem, we can still send an IT expert to help you out
– IT Strategy – we can assist you with developing objectives and tactics to use technology at your business in the most efficient and productive way