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IT Technical support for New York businesses.

AlfeNet provides technical support for small business in New York since 1999. For seventeen years we serve companies in New York Tri-State Area. AlfeNet was founded with one thing in mind – provide IT consulting services to small and mid-size businesses in New York. Throughout years AlfeNet provides superior IT services to some of the leading companies in the fields of health-care, finance, logistic and non-profit, federal and state organizations including the Fortune 500 companies.

Our customers know that we strive to provide the best services and the most affordable solution. With our team of highly-trained Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat certified engineers, we are able to deliver unmatched IT solutions topped with superior customer service and support. Since, majority of our customers are located in New York area we build state-of-the-art infrastructure at New York data center.

Real-time proactive monitoring helps us to provide immediate response to customer issues remotely or onsite. Real-time monitoring of network equipment insures good network health. Detailed logging provides unmatched response and greater up-time to our clients.

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AlfeNet offers a range of solutions to assist companies in meeting complex e-mail requirements, including hosted services for e-mail filtering, encryption and archiving.


AlfeNet’s advanced monitoring systems constantly check your server and services for uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If a server or service problem or malfunction is detected, we proactively begin working to correct the issue and bring everything back online.


AlfeNet offers repair services in New York . We service out-of-warranty repair for brands like Apple / Mac, Toshiba, IBM, Sony, HP, Compaq and all other major brands on a business to business basis.



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2312, 2023

How to protect network from Ransomware Crypto-locker Virus

December 23rd, 2023|Categories: Success Stories|Comments Off on How to protect network from Ransomware Crypto-locker Virus

Client’s Challenge A New York-based company found itself trapped in a modern-day kidnapping scenario—held hostage by a crypto-locker virus that encrypted their crucial data. Attempts to open documents only resulted in unreadable files, accompanied by an ominous pop-up message on their screens: (…)Your personal files are encrypted!(…) The single copy of the private key, which will allow you to decrypt the files, located [...]

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Cisco Video Surveillance UCS Platform

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Client Challenge A local company with several office branches and warehouses made use of separate analog video surveillance systems at each location.   Recorded video data was stored on the hard drive of the computer at the individual facilities, which rendered it vulnerable to break-ins, where the equipment could be tampered with or stolen, as well as to disasters like fire and water damage.   Maintenance [...]

812, 2016

Email Filtering

December 8th, 2016|Categories: Success Stories|Comments Off on Email Filtering

Client Challenge A medium-size local company had extensive problems managing their email system.  They used an in-house mail server dependent on internet connectivity which required an excessive amount of maintenance, ratcheting up their costs unnecessarily.  In particular they were deluged with spam, to the point that culling out relevant messages from the sea of junk mail was nearly impossible.  Spam messages opened accidently resulted [...]

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