Cisco Video Surveillance UCS Platform

Client Challenge

A local company with several office branches and warehouses made use of separate analog video surveillance systems at each location.   Recorded video data was stored on the hard drive of the computer at the individual facilities, which rendered it vulnerable to break-ins, where the equipment could be tampered with or stolen, as well as to disasters like fire and water damage.   Maintenance of the equipment and monitoring of the video was complicated by the fragmentation of the separate systems, requiring multiple overseers.  To overcome these drawbacks, the client decided to upgrade the technology with a centralized set-up where the data would be consolidated and stored at a single secure location.

AlfeNet Solution

AlfaNet solved the problem by implementing a Cisco Video Surveillance UCS Platform.  New cameras were installed at all the locations and connected to a centralized system where one person would manage operations.

Solution Highlights

  • AlfeNet installed a consolidated system that collects and routs videos from a wide range of cameras and encoders over an IP network to the centralized hub
  • The system featured secure local and remote video archive capabilities with built-in redundancy to guard against data loss
  • The system provided the capability of tagging events according to selected classifications to organize recordings and facilitate efficient reviewing and archiving
  • The Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server software allows applications, users, cameras, and storage to be added over time without requiring major changes and upgrades in hardware, software or procedures. As a result, it provides exceptional flexibility and scalability, allowing the company to expand without incurring extra costs.

Measurable Business Results

The client benefited significantly from the replacement of an old analog video surveillance system with a new centralized platform making use of the latest technology.  Maintenance costs were sharply reduced by consolidating the storage of data in a single location where it could be more efficiently monitored.  Security was enhanced through superior storage, organization, and backups of the data, that consolidated in a single facility with superior layers of defense, was better protected against theft, damage, loss and disaster.

Equipment used


  • Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server
  • CSS UCS C240 M4
  • IP cameras, Analog cameras
  • User portal (Operations manager) for video viewing

Software and Licenses:

  • Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager

Highlights of Results

  • Implemented a centralized video surveillance system integrating all locations and providing the storage of data in one secure location
  • The system offered exceptional flexibility and scalability, allowing new devices and features to be incorporated with ease into the system, including a wide range of third party products, such as cameras, command and control modules, video analytics, access control systems, as well as servers and storage hardware.
  • The new system could readily be updated and upgraded to support new features which is not as obtainable with analog systems and equipment.
  • The customer lowered their costs of maintenance and monitoring and reduced the risk of damage or loss of equipment or recorded video data.