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SKU MFRPartNumber QTY in stock as of 11/16/23
C71983 0660C120AAAAAAAI 22
4AV819 744-A3959 25
PU1961 ETN-ENC423048S 2
PW2153 ETN-CMLT19052U 11
5PX217 9PXMCHGR 24
5RK186 9SX2000G 12
UR8478 EMI103-10 15
UR8473 EMI100-10 12
DA9347 EPBZ96 20
8R2137 EBAT14-10-EMC 1
BC2188 010-9342 10
QM6255 CBLADAPT240 1
5RK189 9SXEBM36 19
GD6589 5PX1500IRT 38
TC0561 5SC750 55
UR8479 EMI104-10 28
ND8288 5PX1500RTN 2
GD6592 5PXEBM48RT 42
QM6264 9PX6K 5

Keep in mind that Eaton regularly updates its product offerings, and it’s recommended to contact us for the most up-to-date information. Here are some Popular Eaton UPS series that we carry

Eaton 93PM UPS:

This series is known for its efficiency and scalability, suitable for data centers and various IT applications. It offers high power density and advanced energy-saving features.

Eaton 93E UPS:

Designed for mid-sized and large data centers, the 93E series provides reliable and efficient power protection. It includes features such as internal batteries and a graphical LCD display.

Eaton 9PX UPS:

The 9PX series is versatile, offering high availability and flexibility for various applications. It features advanced management and monitoring capabilities, including a graphical LCD interface.

Eaton 5P UPS:

The 5P series is designed for protecting IT equipment in edge computing environments. It provides energy-efficient features and graphical LCD for easy monitoring.

Eaton 5SC UPS:

With line-interactive topology, the 5SC series offers reliable power protection for small business servers, storage, and network equipment. It’s compact and user-friendly.

Eaton 5PX UPS:

The 5PX series is known for its versatility and efficiency. It is suitable for various applications, including IT, networking, and industrial environments.

Eaton 5S UPS:

The 5S series is an entry-level UPS designed for home and office use. It provides basic surge protection and battery backup to safeguard electronic devices.

Eaton BladeUPS:

The BladeUPS series is designed for data center environments, providing scalable power protection for IT equipment in blade server applications.

Remember that the availability of specific models may vary based on your location and the latest product releases by Eaton. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information on Eaton UPS models, features, and specifications, please contact us at 718-609-6242