Upgrading to a new generation server

Value of a Good Server

Cisco UCSC-C220-M3S UCS

Cisco UCSC-C220-M3S UCS

Servers are good at storing files and manage hardware. They can also manage users and which equipment they can or cannot use. Servers house emails, databases, and other information of your company. So, if you picked a good server a couple years back, why would you possibly need a new one? Well, the first reason might be – growth. If your company got bigger, you have more internet users (and what comes with it: email, software accounts, amount of information to store), and so you need a server with more room to accommodate all the extra employees. The second reason – changing technology. Every new piece of software has to be met with certain hosting software and hardware standards. So if you want all the newest bells and whistles in your information systems (mobile device integration, email improvements, remote access, or reduced downtime), perhaps you need a server upgrade.

Cisco Unified Communication UCSC-C220-M3S UCS

AlfeNet’s research finds Cisco UCSC-C220-M3S UCS Rack server, that replaced old HP DL380, as a strong contender to server of the year. To the old one we say: thank you for reliable work for three years! Bye-bye old server, HP DL380 served us over three years. Time to retire. The Cisco UCS C220 M3 Rack Server is designed for performance and density over a wide range of business workloads, from web serving to distributed database.

The more benefits you realize from the Cisco Unified Computing System, the more important the technology becomes to your business. If an issue arises, you want support from dedicated specialists with in-depth expertise in virtualized data center environments, server hardware and software, and unified computing technology.

SMARTnet for UCS (HW and SW)
SMARTnet for UCS (HW Only)
Three Year Limited Hardware Warranty

  • Unified Computing System Manager upgrades
  • Faster parts replacement than with standard warranty
  • Included with purchase
  • Triage support for third party Software
  • On-site parts replacement in as little as two hours
  • Next business day onsite parts replacement (eight hours a day, five days a week)
  • Smart Call Home (Proactive Diagnostics)
  • Anytime, remote access to Cisco support specialists
  • 90-day software warranty on media