Upgrading to a new generation of Eaton UPS

Value of a Good UPS

AlfeNet Eaton Promotion

In case you weren’t already aware of AlfeNet’s additional discounts (until September 27th)

AlfeNet can offer an extra 5% discount on top on any existing discounts on any of these skus if PO is placed on or before September 27th!!!! 😊 That’s not all! Receive iPad pro on any orders with service if PO is over 75k 😊 😊



SKU MFRPartNumber QTY in stock
C71983 0660C120AAAAAAAI 22
4AV819 744-A3959 25
PU1961 ETN-ENC423048S 2
PW2153 ETN-CMLT19052U 11
5PX217 9PXMCHGR 24
5RK186 9SX2000G 12
UR8478 EMI103-10 15
UR8473 EMI100-10 12
DA9347 EPBZ96 20
8R2137 EBAT14-10-EMC 1
BC2188 010-9342 10
QM6255 CBLADAPT240 1
5RK189 9SXEBM36 19
GD6589 5PX1500IRT 38
TC0561 5SC750 55
UR8479 EMI104-10 28
ND8288 5PX1500RTN 2
GD6592 5PXEBM48RT 42
QM6264 9PX6K 5