IT Support for Professional Services

AlfeNet provides professional services for all offices. Our broad experience allows us to provide personal IT approach for architects, accountants, brokers/real estate agents, engineers and lawyers. We adjust technological solutions to the field of focus, as well as size of business and number of locations. AlfeNet’s competent consultants are here to find the most suitable plan for your business’ needs and budget.

professional services

Law Offices

We all know how busy lawyers are. There are thousands of documents that they have to manage, and all contain confidential information about clients. In terms of IT every law firm, even a small one, needs a safe, flexible database with unlimited space (scalable), easy access to all the information, with a solid filtering system, secure email, and transparent and fair time management/accounting software. In addition there needs to be dependable equipment: computer network, conference telephonic system, and security cameras. Furthermore, lawyers spend half of their time in various locations (their office, courts, conference halls for depositions, etc). Needless to say safe, virtual access to clients’ data is crucial to operate efficiently and productively. Seems like a lot to worry about for a professional who is a law expert, not an IT expert. This is exactly why hiring AlfeNet Consulting, Inc. is necessary.We are a team of experienced IT consultants and technicians who can take care of technology purchase, installation and maintenance for your office, so that you can focus on growth and profit.


Accounting Offices

In order to provide the appropriate IT support for CPA firms, consultants need to understand the intricate nature of this field. To meet the needs of accounting offices AlfeNet recognizes the importance of data security and management. We specialize in prevention of data loss but also in data recovery, so you never have to worry about your clients’ information again. Additionally AlfeNet can help you simplify your daily operations that rely on technology, by the right software and hardware selection. Our experts are available 24/7 for maintenance support should you need it.


Architectural Offices

AlfeNet Consulting recognizes the needs of architectural firms. We can help with large and complex data, such as AutoCAD drawings, transfer and storage. Our technicians have an extensive experience with audio visual communication equipment installation and staff training, so you can easily collaborate with your clients and employees no matter where they are. Additionally, just like all professional offices, also architects and engineers need to protect their clients privacy and secure sensitive information. AlfeNet Consulting, Inc. can provide fast and effective onsite and remote assistance. Contact us now for free assessment and consultation!