Our Commitment to Tailored Solutions

From private enterprises to public and non-profit organizations, each of our clients possesses unique IT requirements and budgets. Recognizing this diversity, we tailor our solutions to meet the distinct needs of every client, providing custom IT solutions designed to foster business growth. Our overarching goals center on safeguarding your digital enterprise, transforming technological infrastructure, ensuring perpetual updates, promoting a data-driven environment, and ultimately enhancing workplace productivity.

Dun and Bradstreet Evaluation: Quantifying Client Satisfaction

As a data-oriented company, we sought to translate client satisfaction into measurable metrics. To achieve this, we enlisted Dun and Bradstreet to conduct an independent survey among our customers. The questionnaire, prepared without our influence, was anonymously answered and returned to D&B. The results exceeded expectations.

The ratings below reflect feedback received from customers in the last 12 months. Responses, on a 0-10 scale, were categorized as “positive” (9-10) or “negative” (0 to 4). All feedback is confidential, ensuring individual responses remain undisclosed.

Clients evaluated us across several categories, and we achieved scores ranging from 95% to 100% in each. According to our customers, we excel in reliability, quality, and customer support. Our high responsiveness and transparent communication regarding necessary changes and associated costs were particularly noteworthy.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The entire AlfeNet staff extends sincere gratitude to our clients for dedicating time to participate in the survey. We understand the demands on your schedules and appreciate your willingness to contribute valuable feedback. Additionally, we thank you for entrusting us as your IT department and for the loyalty demonstrated over the years. Our commitment to upholding rigorous standards of data security and compliance is a reflection of our dedication, and we are delighted to see our clients recognize and acknowledge it. THANK YOU!


Dun and Bradstreet evaluation of AlfeNet Consulting

AlfeNet ratings based on clients feedback