success story 2

Client Challenge

A large local non-profit company contacted AlfeNet Consulting, Inc. desperate for a solution to an  emergency situation. Over 60 computers in their office were infected with a virus.  Both of the two servers were down, work stations were non-responsive, and there was no access to company data over the network. Moreover the data was not backed up.

AlfeNet Solution

AlfeNet technicians worked on the problem around the clock for two days and nights until the network was up and running and the staff was again following their daily routines, this time safely. Even though the virus infected all the computers in the office, the data loss was minor due to the quick and effective action of Alfenet personnel. In order to prevent a recurrence of viral incursions AlfeNet Consulting, Inc. developed a thorough maintenance plan to protect company data.

Solution Highlights


  • AlfeNet recovered data from multiple sources with minimal data loss
  • After recovery AlfeNet developed a data backup plan and installed Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Offered an attractive and reasonable price to the client for setting up a maintenance system
  • Management knew that they needed an expeditious and professional team like AlfeNet to modernize their systems and maintanence protocols.

Measurable Business Results

Alfenet delivered significant benefits to the client, enabling the company to quickly resume normal daily operations. If it were not for our immediate response, the client would have incurred a heavy monetary loss for each day the business was shut down.  With a preemptive maintenance and security system in place, the client would obtain savings from the reduced chance similar emergencies would erupt in the future, with all the costs imposed by them.

Equipment used


  • Virtual Appliance


  • Symantec Endpoint Protection

Highlights of Results

  • Fixed system problems caused by virus infected network
  • Removed all malware, adware, and viruses
  • Tested operating systems and software
  • Removed all the malicious programs that could be potentially harmful
  • Protected the systems form future threats by installing Symantec Endpoint Protection on users’ workstations
  • Developing a monitoring and maintenance system to prevent complete or partial data loss
  • Fast project completion due to the timely full-scale response