Retail IT support


Retail business has never been more competitive. Therefore, this fast paced environment needs to keep up with constantly evolving technology and process transactions smoothly and flawlessly. No customer wants to wait because of slow computer registers or go back to the store where credit card information has been compromised and got into the wrong hands. In a busy world all clients want to receive a great customer service experience, including secure credit card payment transaction process. Clearly retail needs a top-notch equipment, network and data security to keep shopping as a fun and secure experience.

The need for professional, reliable and trustworthy IT consulting and support services has never been greater. AlfeNet Consulting, Inc. is a one stop solution for your retail business IT expectations. Our presence at location is always non-intrusive, however in most cases we can solve issues remotely. All installation and repairs can also be done after hours. We always ensure competitive prices for our clients and full professionalism.  AlfeNet Consulting can help you improve customer relationships quickly and within your budget applying Microsoft Dynamic Retail System solutions.


How can AlfeNet help retail businesses?

Among many, here are just a few solutions AlfeNet offers:

  • Microsoft Dynamic Retail Management System (RMS) is a powerful software that will integrate and centralize daily retail operations
  • Inventory Optimization so you can easily balance supply and demand
  • Card payment security / Data security with flexible Microsoft SQL Server for unlimited amount of information
  • Complete Point of Sale solution to meet your unique needs

With AlfeNet Consulting as your IT department you will see your business grow and as an owner you will make faster, more profitable decisions. Do not hesitate and contact us for a free of cost IT assessment so we can accurately advise you on your technological needs.