Healthcare and Information Technology

Professionals within medical field – hospitals, private practices, and other healthcare providers always make sure to give their clients the best service possible. To assure that you need dependable technology. With all the demands placed on healthcare providers, from HIPAA compliance to managing digital records, a system breakdown is likely. AlfeNet offers healthcare providers managed IT services, networking, data backup, data disaster recovery, and more. If your healthcare business needs dependable IT care or new equipment you are in the right place. Call us or request a free quote now.

HIPAA Compliance

Since 1999 AlfeNet has gathered vast experience in creating and carrying out EMR records, making sure that they meet HIPAA compliance, and meeting other legal expectations in terms of patients’ and doctors’ data security. We understand how complex and constantly changing legal demands are towards obtaining and storing data, which is why hiring the right IT specialists has never been more important. Our dedicated staff is here to provide you with ultimate and reliable solutions for healthcare. AlfeNet’s response time is fast and resolution time is short. Recent data shows that working with us will improve your medical practice’s productivity and improve customer service.There is a lot of noise around HIPPA compliance software. Therefore it is almost certain that your EMR software is HIPAA compliant. What about your computer hardware and/or IT infrastructure? Is it HIPAA compliant? In addition, your business partners, or vendors may also not be HIPAA compliant with their computer hardware and/or IT infrastructure. In such case communication with them could be jeopardizing your own internal data security.

Data Security & Backup

It is almost certain that power or network outages will happen. A problem like this can have an avalanche effect and damage patients’ records. As a result you might lose the records permanently. Another scenario that every healthcare professional wants to avoid is a hacker breaking into your system and stealing data. With AlfeNet team and proper planning, you are resilient and impervious to any danger out there. We can help you develop a business continuity plan, specifically groomed to meet the needs of your practice. By reviewing your current IT systems and processes, we can identify and prevent problems where they are likely to arise, while you continue to do business, uninterrupted.