8 12, 2016

Cisco Unified Communications

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Client Challenge A large sized company with an old style analog phone system with 18 incoming copper lines experienced  many dropped calls, static in the lines, and poor quality overall.  In addition there was a lack of up-to-date features such as call history and  caller ID.   Employees returning international calls resulted in exhorbitant bills.  Clients [...]

7 12, 2016

Hardware Virtualization

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Hardware Virtualization Client Challenge. The client had five stand-alone servers on site that were four years old and had become outdated and unreliable, requiring hardware virtualization. The client was overly dependent on a single employee who was in charge of operating and maintaining the network and understood the architecture of the legacy systems. Overheating and [...]

1 05, 2016

How to encrypt data on windows 10 with Bitlocker or TrueCrypt

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“Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you” ― Joseph Heller   Data Encryption and Why Every Company Needs It Just like in private life we guard our privacy we do the same in business. The difference is obvious - the stakes are higher. Protecting company data means personal information of all [...]

16 09, 2014

IT infrastructure

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AlfeNet's Provides IT Services to Small and Midsize businesses since 1999. Can AlfeNet become your IT department!?... For over seventeen years AlfeNet demonstrated ability to get things done is based on developing a hands-on partnership with our clients to ensure our knowledge become asset to to our clients. We pride ourselves to do [...]

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