Hardware Virtualization

Client Challenge.

The client had five stand-alone servers on site that were four years old and had become outdated and unreliable, requiring hardware virtualization. The client was overly dependent on a single employee who was in charge of operating and maintaining the network and understood the architecture of the legacy systems. Overheating and random system crashes due to insufficient maintenance caused an average of 4-5 days of unscheduled downtime each year. No documentation was ever prepared documenting the custom scripts and software.  Even with proper upkeep, maintenance costs were too high. Finally, dissatisfied management contacted AlfeNet to come up with an overall solution to their problems.


AlfeNet Solution

In order to provide uninterrupted work for a client AlfeNet came out with the following Hardware Virtualization solution:

  • Create Cisco based site-to-site VPN to Datacenter
  • Create high availability VMware infrastructure environment for a client
  • Virtualized existing physical servers to VMware virtual server (P2V) and migrate to the datacenter
  • Once legacy servers are virtualized, AlfeNet technicians migrated copy of data from legacy servers to new Virtual Servers
  • Run a test with team of employees to re-insure that new environment is working to satisfaction
  • On Friday night after business hours, technicians migrated latest data to the new production environment. Technicians verified with employee functionality of live data and reroute employees’ workstations to work in the new environment. On Monday morning employees were working as usual without noticing any interruption of work. The only complaint we had was that “it’s working too fast. Are you sure everything works as it should?” We were happy to answer “Yes. We are sure.” Systems were processing data so fast that customer thoughts that something is not right. They used to wait 30-60 seconds to run the single transaction. Now it happens in a matter of 1-2 seconds.
  • We provided outstanding service to customers while growing through acquisition; management knew that it needed AlfeNet to modernize its systems and business processes.

Measurable Business Results

AlfeNet Solution helped the customer to achieve 99.99% uptime in contrast to 91.25%. We solved the problem of customer’s dependency on a single person understanding and managing the system. As a result even if technology changes or customer needs to expand, they can do it without changing the entire infrastructure. Finally, AlfeNet provided the company with the insight needed to determine a strategic plan to achieve benefits and ROI from both IT and process improvement perspectives.

Equipment used


  • HP DL380 server.
  • And HP MSA Storage.
  • Additionally, HP Fiber switches.
  • Cisco Gigabit Switches.
  • Cisco ASA Router.

Software / Licensing / Maintenance:

  • VMWare
  • Symantec End Point Protection Corporate Edition
  • Microsoft Server 2012
  • Ubuntu Server
  • Cisco SmartNet 24×7
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Maintenance Package


Highlights of Hardware Virtualization

  • Escalated uptime from 91.25% to 99.99%
  • Boosted up application speed in average 15 times
  • Increase operational savings in about 30 percent of total labor costs
  • Decreased cooling
  • Changed management overhead by creating ticketing system for users
  • An Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Created technical documentation for management and users
  • Eliminated one person in charge scenario.
  • Developed a benefits realization roadmap.