Prevention is better than cure

Only 6% of participants in a survey claimed that their IT maintenance department is well established, while 33% said somewhat established and finally 16% reported not established at all.

Preventive Maintenance

Avoid making a mistake of manually maintaining your computer systems.

Nearly half of participating companies stated that they are using manual maintenance methods for their systems, however majority expressed interest in switching to automated software style of tracking safety of their network and hiring a professional IT services to keep an eye on their company data flow and storage. The best and most reliable method to prevent your network from failure or any hacks or viruses is to have a 24/7 monitoring software installed. It alarms AlfeNet team whenever a suspicious activity is detected. Then technicians scan and analyze the findings. Think of this software as additional gate protecting a business.

Recent cybersecurity attacks and data breach incidents on a large scale prove that Erasmus is right. When successfully preventing hacking attacks companies do not have to deal with the mess and its cleanup. Prevention of IT failure will allow you to keep your customers’ trust (which once lost, will never be fully gained back). Prevention will demonstrate that your company is a reliable constant in the unreliable and unpredictable world. Prevention, finally, will let you sleep sound at night, because you will know that you have a dependable system in place that keeps your business safe. Be above the majority from statistical surveys and don’t just be interested in implementing preventive care, but take action. Speak with an IT professional now.