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Data Center

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Data Center design, building and optimization.


Data Center – Room specifications

  • Walls, ceiling, and doors sound-isolated from other occupied areas
  • No windows because of security and sound
  • Nine-foot ceiling
  • Anti-static floor finishing (no wax) for raised floor tiles or sheet vinyl
  • Doors 42 to 48 inches wide, and at least 8 feet tall


  • Computer racks with adequate clearance per manufacturer’s specifications; at least 42 inches around equipment; 48 inches in aisles
  • Computer racks with seismic bracing and proper grounding
  • Maximum electrical intensity of computing equipment of 300 watts per square foot
  • At least one phone

Fire prevention

  • Adequate fire suppression system; pre-action system recommended
  • Fire-rated if cabling and cooling systems are combined in the same space above ceiling or below floor


  • Under-floor air distribution system preferred; ducted systems acceptable
    • In either system, racks arranged in a hot-aisle/ cold-aisle configuration
    • If under floor, minimum height of 24 inches and raised floor designed for weight of server racks, and lifting and moving equipment